Secure, high-grade award-winning hosting

  • Standard hosting on a shared platform with your own cPanel account, SSD high-performance web storage and unlimited bandwidth (subject to fair usage), daily backup (does not count towards your web-space allocation)
  • Business-premier hosting delivering greater performance and back-ups every four hours, full PCI-DSS compliance. 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
  • Need more? Scalable from a single VPS cloud to a load-balanced cluster or even, your own dedicated server.
All our hosting provides a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) with cPanel running the latest versions (configurable on request).

Business Standard Package

  • 3Gb of primary business-grade SSD webspace
  • Unlimited bandwidth subject to fair usage*
  • Inclusive SSL certification for each site
  • Each account is backed up daily with 30 sequential snapshots stored
  • Granular restore – the entire account or individual files or database tables can be restored
  • Secure UK datacentres
  • Ticket based support

Self-Managed Site
We provide you with cPanel access to manage your own site.

Managed Site
Managed WordPress has the following additional services;

  • Update of WordPress whenever a Major or Minor release is issued
  • Monthly checks and updates of Plugins and commercial Themes if available
  • Installation of WordPress All-in-One Security plugin with the initial setup to protect the site

Managed Site with Admin
In addition to the managed site, we will undertake minor updates to the text and images of the website. This would generally be the creation or update of up to 5 web posts or pages per month with content supplied.

  • Step 1: Identify opportunities

    We work with you to understand your business objectives and the competitive environment taking account of the current challenges and opportunities they present and how they impact on your overall strategy to identify opportunities.

  • Step 2: Develop the plan

    We develop a comprehensive plan bases on our analysis that feeds into your the business objectives short-term, mid-term and the longer view. Early engagement with stakeholders within the process creates buy-in improves adoption.

  • Step 3: Implement and execute

    Once we have costed and agreed the plan, we can work with you to provide agency services, work with your in-house team or instruct and work alongside existing agencies to deliver services. Post-campaign analysis feeds back into planning.