Making sure your brand is working for you 24/7 online

  • Web site basics
    When we build a website for you we ensure it is SEO ready, discoverable, correctly configured. We will ensure that your Goggle Analytics and Google Search Console accounts are set up and configured
  • SEO audit
    We will run a sitewide SEO audit on your website and provide to with an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website and the areas to focus on.
  • Social Media basics
    We will set up and configure any Social Media accounts needed and ensure they are properly connected to your website.
  • Automatic posting
    Content is key to keeping your site fresh and feeding Social Media. We will work with you to automatically create new posts on your Social Media feeds whenever a new post is Published.
  • Content, content, content
    We can deliver content – daily news updates, crafted blog posts or video stings to use on your site and across your Social Media
SEO and Social Media are fundamental pillars of marketing communications - getting it right means that 'at least you are in the conversation'.

We provide a fully integrated online management service. As a minimum, we make sure that your website is search engine ready with the basics including; robots.txt, meta-tagging, sitemap.xml submission to Google.

We will set up Google Analytics on your site so we can manage and monitor traffic, create a Google Place and if required, set up Google AdWords.

We will set up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube if needed.

We can offer full SEO and Social Media management as a service.

Example – Social Media sting for Qubic Group plc