Managing your public profile and working with the media

  • Online
    Managing your Social Media and online reputation
  • Media lists
    Research, create and maintain standing lists plus tactical campaign specific lists.
  • Media releases
    Prepare and distribute releases by the publications’ preferred method.
  • Case studies
    Prepare case studies and application stories based on information from your customers and sales channels. Seek and gain approval prior to release.
  • Forward feature planning
    Maintain a list of planned forward features to ensure inclusion of reviews.
  • Reacting to journalists
    Provide press office facilities acting as first point of contact.
  • Setting the agenda
    Creating and releasing ‘White Papers” to create an authoritative position.
Outside The Square can act as your PR Agency managing your company profile in the media for you integrating PR into your overall marketing strategy to raise awareness of your brand, products and services.

PR & media management used to be quite straightforward when the only concern was so-called, traditional media, print and broadcast. In the social media world, everyone is a publisher and a lone-voice can strike a note – either positive or negative.

As well as managing your traditional media relations, we can harness the power of micro-bloggers, influencers and a whole plethora of social media to help promote your products and services.

On the flip side, we can help you protect your reputation both online and in the real world to help you overcome adverse comments of publicity.