Explore our Branding and Re-branding services.

  • Generate from scratch or evaluate your current brand platform and its fit with your organisation’s objectives – is it appropriate, achievable, realistic, aspirational.
  • Defining your Brand Personality that associates your brand with human personality traits to help achieve differentiation, facilitate customer engagement and inform employee behaviour
  • Translate the Brand into executables; logo design, copy style, music, imagery and other design assets to develop a brand toolkit for the generation of sales and marketing collateral
At its most fundamental level, brand is the way consumers identify your product or service and as distinct from other similar offerings.

Branding started off with the practice of cattle farmers burning their mark, or brand, onto the hide of their animals so they could be identified. The word was adopted by the early marketeers when they started to use indefinable names or labels for their products and so branding was born.

Things have changed significantly from the early days of simple labelling with a whole industry having been built up around brand creation, brand promotion and brand management. Outside The Square will work with you to either create a brand from scratch or to rebrand an existing organisation.

Branding is not about taste or pretty logos, it is about following a process, the end product of which is the words and pictures that make up the brand – logo, style guide, copy platform, straplines and so on. If you want us to pitch for your branding exercise, we could show you a bunch of pretty logos but what would be the point. Instead, we will sit down with you and explain the process and once you’ve got it, you’ll know what to do next.

  • Step 1: Identify opportunities

    We work with you to understand your business objectives and the competitive environment taking account of the current challenges and opportunities they present and how they impact on your overall strategy to identify opportunities.

  • Step 2: Develop the plan

    We develop a comprehensive plan bases on our analysis that feeds into your the business objectives short-term, mid-term and the longer view. Early engagement with stakeholders within the process creates buy-in improves adoption.

  • Step 3: Implement and execute

    Once we have costed and agreed the plan, we can work with you to provide agency services, work with your in-house team or instruct and work alongside existing agencies to deliver services. Post-campaign analysis feeds back into planning.