Creating engaging shorts, stings and promos

Off-the page, online or broadcast we have been producing ads, promos, videos and voiceovers for the last 20 years or so.

Video production has exploded with mobile technology but you still need a good story and a good edit. We can develop your ideas into storyboards, on to scripts, cast, produce, voice and edit – the whole nine-yards.

Whiteboard animation is a great way to create engaging presentations taking complex ideas and simplifying them really lets you hep get your message across.

Don’t forget about Radio
Radio is an effective way to reach a wide audience quickly and cost-effectively. As with any other type of advertising the approach varies depending on your business objectives; brand awareness, offer driven, direct response etc. We are able to manage the entire process from undertaking media research and planning, through to concept, scripting and production and post-campaign analysis to understand the effectiveness of your radio campaign.

Radio works well and especially in conjunction with online and traditional media to create a coordinated cross-media campaign.