Transplanting Papworth Hospital


The home of Papworth Hospital was the village of Papworth Everard in South Cambridgeshire for nearly 100 years. The Royal Papworth Trust went out to the market in 2011 to invite bids for a new hospital to built in the Cambridge Biomedical campus.

Outside The Square had successfully managed bids for Skanska to build the new Derby Royal Infirmary and the new Royal London hospital as well as upgrading St. Bartholomew’s hospital under PFI contracts.

Outside The Square worked with the in-house resources that included a bid team and a graphic design team to pull the written submission together. A major innovation was to provide a version of the key bid information as an iPad app.

The app contained all of the written submission in PDF form as well as all of the drawings that we held as vector images so they could be zoomed in on with any loss of resolution.  Outside The Square worked with a Team from Sweden to pull together a series of video endorsements of the project and senior teams within Skanka including a video from Johan Karlström, the then President and CEO, Skanska AB as well as video testimonials from other healthcare clients of Skanska. A 3D expanding model of the building showed every level in the hospital and how all of the services, fire suppression, ventilation and M&E fitted together.

Skanska won the bid worth circa £200 million and the hospital opened its doors in May 2019. You might notice the one big difference between the 3D render and the video of the completed project – the word Royal has added – Papworth was granted a Royal title by the Queen in September 2017.

artists impression 2011

3D render of the proposed hospital – Nov 2011

The completed hospital – May 2019