Traditional Door-drop


Switch Rentals is a new breed of pay-weekly rental companies offering TVs, furniture and white–goods to customers, primarily in Wales, on straightforward rental as opposed to the ‘finance agreement’ led offerings of traditional players in the market.

Switch Rentals has a really slick online ordering and processing solution that runs affordability checks and give an order approval almost instantly to ensure that customers are not overcommitting themselves. Goods are delivered generally next day.

The company has a range of promotional activities including Social Media channels, Ad Vans and radio but wanted to underpin its promotions with traditional door-drop. They had run some initial campaigns but looked to Outside The Square to increase the effectiveness of the door-drop and in turn, improve RoI.

Outside The Square changed the design of the piece to be more product-led and with a much stronger call-to-action. We also organised to match the target profile to the correct Mosaic demographic groupings with a Royal Mail approved aggregator.

Printing was managed to produce the materials, package them in the correct format and then liaise with and deliver to the Royal Mail distribution centre in Dorcan, Swindon, in line with the Royal Mail schedules.